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So where does that leave me?

From all of this research, I have concluded that there definitely are a lot of ways to try and tackle social issues within your artistic practice. Even though I have an immense admiration for the artists from the first category and recognise that they probably had the most impact on mentalities, it is very clear that to achieve such an impact, you have to reach fame, not simply recognition.I know I would rather use myself in my practice like Sophie Calle, in a low-key way.

But most and for all, I am attracted to the advertising part. I also feel that there is a very exciting spot on the market for performance designers right now.

People are now all about the experience, and because of that there’s going to be a demand for live performance and installation art within the spectrum of advertising. I would really love if I could use live performance (human presence) in fashion advertising to make people reconnect and feed some socially-conscious content into brands’ identity. I do feel very excited about being a performance designer in this time as I think it is going to evolve in many different ways and that opportunities are going to multiply for us.

If I didn’t know better, I would jump right into it, but as discussed before, whime I felt like my generation is sitting on something very exciting and we have a lot of things to bring to the table, I also know that there is a system in place. This system has been built by the previous generation and I need to learn from them before I can start building anything on top of that in order to reach places that haven’t been reached yet and not restart everything from scratch when so much work has already been accomplished by others.

And even if I've decided on one of these path for my professional career, it doesn't mean that I'm not going to take what I've leant for the others. As discussed in "Inspiring Personalities" I do believe that no matter what your practice is, being at peace with yourself is always makes you into a better person, and in order to achieve that, you must never stop searching and trying to improve yourself in any way that you can. So yes, I'm very excited about my professnal future, but even without that, or if I don't manage to work in what I want, I still have a lot of exciting things on my plate.

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