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What do I mean by “Inspiring Personalities”?


These people don’t inspire people by long speeches or striking artwork they inspire change within people themselves and the way they think simply by irradiating peace. They somehow raised to fame and once they did, they didn’t go ahead and follow the diktats of being a star; they stayed authentics. What strikes me the most in these personalities is how free they are. A lot of stars need to come up with an image to raise to fame and end up being trapped in it, having to make everything coherent with the image they have tailored to their audience. Those personalities didn’t do that, if they felt like being that way one day and this way the next, they did.

These people bring us hope, they are inspiring, they make you want to be like them, they make you realise that you don’t need to make yourself fit into any box, you can just unashamedly yourself.  

These  people, that I refer to as Inspiring Personalities, managed to get a voice for themselves, to earn people’s attention and used it to promote freedom. They are a breath of air, a new wave, and incredibly refreshing change for they don’t preach. You would not hear these people tell you to be more like them. You will usually hear them say that, they are many more like them, many different from them and encourage tolerance from both sides. They just open a new way.

Here, there are so many people I would like to talk about (like Christine and the Queens, Stromae, Rihanna) but I'll have to focus here on three on them.

Who Am I Looking Up To When I Say That?

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